The Importance of Hiring an HDB Renovation Contractor

In Singapore, the Housing and Development Board or HDB sets forth important guidelines for all residents so that they can enjoy a high quality of living. The guidelines that pertain to renovating flats are in place to ensure all renovations are done safely. For this reason, you will only want to hire an HDB renovation contractor. There are several reasons it is important to hire a registered contractor.

Interior DesignThe first reason is safety and the second reason is that it is the law. If you are getting ready to renovate your flat, be sure to work with contractors that possess HDB licenses.

You do not want to hire someone that does not have the HDB license. This individual does not have the training or the skill that licensed contractors do. If you were to risk hiring them, the work could be done poorly, resulting in damages to your home and your neighbor's homes as you are all in one block of flats.

Anything that is renovated from walls, floors and plumbing to the electrical work must be done according to standards. For example, if the electrical work is done incorrectly, a short could cause a fire to your flat and your neighbor's flat. If a wall is not erected properly it could affect your flat’s entire stability.

Your safety is increase when you hire Interior Design Singapore Hub Website. It is also the law to hire only an HDB Renovation Contractor.

How to Hire an HDB Contractor

You can visit the HDB website to get a complete listing of all registered contractors. These are people who have passed the HDB course, have several years of renovation experience and have owned a business for at least a year. Select at least three contractors and review their qualifications to see if they are right for your particular needs.

If you do not hire a licensed contractor you could be fined. If the work done is structurally unsound, you and the contractor could be fined several thousand dollars. Any contractor that does not have the experience an HDB contractor has, does not have the expertise that they have.

For your safety and to follow the law, hire an HDB registered contractor. Review your list of contractors. You want to have about three to choose from. Decide which one is best for you depending on the work that you need to get done, and hire them. You can trust the information you find about all contractors and their backgrounds from the HDB website.

Before you hire the contractor, be sure you understand everything in the contract. Finally, be careful if you do not hire a contractor you found on the HDB site. Some contractors will mislead you into believing they have registration when what they are doing is using another contractor's license.

You want your renovation to be done right. Now that you know the importance of hiring an HDB registered contractor, your renovation will be done perfectly.